UG student, Karan Prasad represents NUS in the International Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2014. 2 Dec 2013.

2 December 2013

NUS Engineering quiz veteran tries for Tata Crucible International again next year

Mr Karan Prasad (centre) and Mr Shivam Bhardwaj were 1st tunners-up at the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz.

UNDAUNTED, Mr Karan Prasad, 3rd- year Chemical Engineering, NUS Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, tried his hand (or rather, brain) in the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz yet again – determined to win Tata Crucible International Quiz next year when the grand finals, the Tata Crucible International would be held in India.

Like last year, he emerged 1st runner up at the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz (11 Nov) -- this time, in partnership with his friend, Mr Shivam Bhardwaj, a PhD student with the Faculty of Science. As 1st runners-up, they were awarded $3,000 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab-3.

In 2012 Mr Karan with Mr Sriharsha Vishnu Bhat, a Design-Centric Programme student taking Mechanical Engineerihg (who has since graduated) made news when they won the Great India Quiz, earning for themselves, a grand prize of $10,000 cash as well as other prizes. He partnered Harsha again at the Singapore National Finals of the Tata Crucible but they did not win at the Tata Crucible International.

Recalling their recent performance, Mr Karan said, “After a preliminary qualification round at the Singapore National Finals, we made it to the top eight of Singapore National Finals. We were then tested with five rounds of live, rapid-fire quizzing across categories ranging from business, economy, personalities, and brands. It was extremely challenging. We fought hard and we only narrowly missed out on securing first place.”

The Tata Crucible Campus Quiz was conducted at the University Cultural Centre by Giri "Pickbrain" Balasubramanium, one the most famous quiz masters form India who is acclaimed globally for his challenging questions. This year the top three positions of the national finals were all taken by NUS teams -- the first time Singapore will be represented in the international finals only by NUS teams.

Shivam also has great experience in taking part in quizzes. “His vast knowledge complemented the experience I had and helped us succeed,” said Mr Karan.

Annually, around 4000 teams take part in this competition across India, United Kingdom and Singapore and the top two teams from each country qualify for the international finals.

“Everyone wishes to make at least a small mark to make NUS proud. We shall try harder this time,” said Mr Karan.