Chemical Engineering Class of 87 sets up Bursary Endowed Fund.

1 October 2013

Bringing back ‘Memories and Monies’ to set up Chemical Engineering Class of 87 Bursary Endowed Fund

The Chemical Engineering Class of 87 got memories and monies rolling in to help needy students get through their B Eng studies. Mr Lim Siong Lim (4 from right, front row) with Mr Lim Swee Hock to his right, are among those driving the effort.

THEIR target was $150,000 but a total of $160,605 was eventually raised by the Chemical Engineering Class of 87 at their 25th Anniversary reunion dinner in 2012. Today, this Bursary Endowed Fund will help three needy students from the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering complete their B Eng degree – and hopefully to follow their seniors in their examples to nurture Engineer-Leaders when they graduate.

Said Mr Lim Siong Leng, a “commander-in-chief” for the fundraising event, “Our target was $150,000 as it was the minimum required to set up the bursary. The amount raised eventually was a bit over the target and we are rather proud of the achievement!”

Many from the Class consider this to be a good vehicle to pay forward. “In future, we would like to contribute again to this Fund, maybe individually or as a class,” Mr Lim added.

Explaining his role as a “commander-in-chief”, Mr Lim said that every class needs one. “He or she is the one who decides on what can be done to pay it back -- and forward to bring on the good years ahead,” he said.

Their first attempt was setting up the Chemical Engineering Class of 87 Book Prize in 1997 at their 10th Anniversary Celebrations. Since then, the Faculty of Engineering has awarded one to two book prizes to the most improved Chemical Engineering student every year.

Commenting on their second effort, Mr Lim said, “I was confident that we could raise our target amount of $150,000 quite easily. It was a bit slow in the beginning, but many responded generously when prompted. We have some very persuasive „commanders-inchiefs‟ who would not take no for an answer!”

And “someday and somewhere in the annals of university records, it would be said of the Chemical Engineering class of 1987 – that it came with not so many “As”, mostly “Bs” (blur) but left and returned with lots of M (memories and monies),” Mr Lim had mused in his speech at their last reunion dinner.

Indeed, they have lots of memories of their campus days. Now, both the memories and the monies are coming back -- and paying forward.