Unilever's Sustainability Living Challenge for Engineers 2014

Unilever’s Sustainable Living Challenge (USLC) requires participants to come out with ideas/innovations to help Unilever achieve their sustainability objectives.



For this challenge, we had proposed EZ-fill, which aims to redesign the refilling process for soap/shampoo bottles. Currently, refilling is a chore and consumers tend to throw bottles away instead, generating waste. Referring to the diagram as shown, we proposed a new design that allows refilling by just switching the depleted soap/shampoo cartridge in the bottle with a new one. Soap bottles will now have more appealing designs with premium materials to incentivize users to keep the bottles. In addition, an exchange system will also be implemented to encourage users to ‘trade in’ their used soap bags for a new one at a discount. The standardized connector in the bottle allows cross compatibility between all bottles and all refill bags, forming a whole product ecosystem.




To that end, we emerged as the 2nd runner up for this competition. We also like to congratulate our fellow coursemate Wang Yuying, who also did exceptionally well. It was an honour to compete alongside 5 other winning ideas from NUS and NTU. USLC allowed us to step out of our comfort zone to gain exposure to areas outside of engineering. We had insightful discussions and guidance from the professionals at Unilever which gave us a whole new perspective of supply chain management and sustainability. We highly encourage fellow Chemical Engineers to participate next year!

Chee Yong Sheng Danny & Chua Yi An Alvin.
Year 4, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering