Hua Chun ZENG

Professor Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

(65) 6516 2896

E5 02-21

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  • PhD (Phys. Chem.), British Columbia, 1989
  • BSc (Chem.), Xiamen, 1982

Research Interests

  • Synthesis Architecture of Nanomaterials
  • Self-Assembly for Complex Nanostructures
  • Nanostructured Catalysts

Selected Publications

Li, C.C. and H.C. Zeng, "Cobalt (hcp) Nanofibers with Pine-Tree-Leaf Hierarchical Superstructures", Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2010, 20, 9187-9192.

Pang, M.L., J.Y. Hu and H.C. Zeng, "Synthesis, Morphological Control and Antibacterial Properties of Hollow/Solid Ag2S/Ag Heterodimers", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132: 10771-10785.

Yao, K.X., X.M. Yin, T.H. Wang and H.C. Zeng, "Synthesis, Self-assembly, Disassembly, and Reassembly of Two Types of Cu2O Nanocrystals Unifaceted with {001} or {110} Planes", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132: 6131-6144.

Pang, M.L. and H.C. Zeng, "Highly Ordered Self-Assemblies of Submicron Cu2O Spheres and Their Hollow Chalcogenide Derivatives", Langmuir, 2010, 26: 5963-5970.

Zhang, S.M. and H.C. Zeng, "Solution-Based Epitaxial Growth of Magnetically Responsive Cu@Ni Nanowires";, Chemistry of Materials, 2010, 22: 1282-1284.