Shamsuzzaman FAROOQ

Professor Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

(65) 6516 6545

E5 02-26

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  • PEng (Chemical) Professional Engineers Board, Singapore
  • PhD (Chem. Eng.) UNB, Canada, 1988
  • MSc (Chem. Eng.) BUET, Dhaka, 1985
  • BSc (Chem. Eng.) BUET, Dhaka, 1982

Research Interests

  • Absorption and Diffusion of Gases in Novel Adsorbents
  • Adsorber Dynamics and PSA Processes
  • Adsorption Technology for Clean Energy Application
  • Process Modeling, Simulation and Optimization

Selected Publications

Haghpanah, R., R. Nilam, A. Rajendran, S. Farooq and I A Karimi, “Cycle Synthesis and Optimization of a VSA Process for Postcombustion CO2 Capture”, AIChE Journal, 59, 4735-4748 (2013).

Nobar, S.N. and S. Farooq, “Experimental and Modeling Study of Adsorption and Diffusion of Gases in Cu-BTC”, Chem Engng Sci, 84, 801-813 (2012).

Rama Rao, V.,S. Farooq and W.B. Krantz, “Design of a Two-Step Pulsed Pressure –Swing Adsorption-Based Oxygen Concentrator”, AIChE Journal, 56, 354-370 (2010).

Marathe, R.P., S. Farooq and M.P. Srinivasan, “Modeling Gas Adsorption and Transport in Small-Pore Titanium Silicates”, Langmuir, 21, 4532-4546 (2005).

Huang, Q., S. M. Sundaram and S. Farooq “Revisiting Transport of Gases in the Micropores of Carbon Molecular Sieves”, Langmuir, 19, 393-405 (2003).