Lakshminarayanan SAMAVEDHAM

Associate Professor College Master, NUS University Town Residential College 4 Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

(65) 6516 8484

E4 06-05


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  • PhD (Process Control) University of Alberta, Canada, 1997
  • MS (ChE.), IIT Madras, 1992
  • B.E. (Hons.) (ChE), BITS, Pilani, 1988

Awards and Honours

  • Annual Teaching Excellence Award, NUS (2001-2003, 2008/2009)
  • NUS Outstanding Educator Award (2006)
  • Best Paper Award at CHEMCON for Advances in Process Control (2005)
  • DuPont / Paprican Research Excellence Award (1996)
  • Pan Canadian Petroleum Award (1995)

Research Interests

  • Design of Experiments
  • Control of Large Scale Systems
  • Modeling of Infectious and Lifestyle-related Diseases
  • Engineering Education

Selected Publications

Gurpreet Singh and Lakshminarayanan Samavedham, “Unsupervised Learning based Feature Extraction for Differential Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Case Study on Early-stage Diagnosis of Parkinson Disease”, Accepted for publication in Journal of Neuroscience Methods (August 2015).

Vaibhav Maheshwari, Gade P. Rangaiah, Titus Lau Wai Leong and S. Lakshminarayanan, “Application of design of experiments in hemodialysis: Optimal sampling protocol for ?2-microglobulin kinetic model”, Chemical Engineering Science, 131, 84-90, (2015).

Pavan Kumar Naraharisetti, S. Lakshminarayanan and I.A. Karimi, "Design of Biomass and Natural Gas based IGFC using Multi-Objective Optimization", Energy, 73, 635-652, (2014).

Naviyn Prabhu Balakrishnan, S. Lakshminarayanan and G.P. Rangaiah, “Personalized Mechanistic Models for Exercise, Meal and Insulin Interventions in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes”, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 357, 62-73 (2014).

Gudena Krishna, G.P. Rangaiah and S. Lakshminarayanan, “Modeling and Optimization of Reactive HiGee Stripper-Membrane Process for Methyl Lactate Hydrolysis”, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 52(23), 7795–7802, (2013).