Kai Chee LOH

Associate Professor Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

(65) 6516 2174

E5 02-36


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  • PhD (Chem. Eng.) MIT, 1995
  • MSCEP (Chem. Eng.) MIT, 1991
  • MEng (Chem. Eng.) NUS, 1991
  • BEng (Chem. Eng.) NUS, 1987

Research Interests

  • Biological Treatment of Industrial Effluents
  • Network Modelling of Large-Pore Matrices
  • Bioreactor Design for Wastewater Treatment
  • Algal Bioenergy

Selected Publications

A. Geng and K. C. Loh, "Heterogeneity of Surface Energies in Reversed-Phase Perfusive Packings", Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 239, 447 (2001).

K. C. Loh, N. T. S. Chung and W. F. Ang, "Immobilised Cell Membrane Bioreactor for High-Strength Phenol Wastewater", Journal of Environmental Engineering, 126, 75 (2000).

K. C. Loh and Y. G. Yu, "Kinetics of Carbazole Degradation by Pseudomonas putida in Presence of Sodium Salicylate", Water Research, 34, 4131 (2000).

S. J. Wang and K. C. Loh, "Growth Kinetics of Pseudomonas putida in Cometabolism of Phenol and 4-Chlorophenol in the Presence of a Conventional Carbon Source", Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 68, 437 (2000).

K. C. Loh, and D. I. C. Wang, "Characterization of Pore Size Distribution of Packing Materials Used in Perfusion Chromatography using a Network Model", Journal of Chromatography A, 718, 239 (1995).