Look around us. From the food we eat, the water we drink, the medicines we take, from the paper to the electronic media material interfaces that we are using to view this - the chemical engineer’s touch is everywhere. Chemical engineers are always in demand to design, operate and maintain the multi-billion dollar process plants that sustain the modern world around us, and in the invention of the next great product, whether it is a fuel or a medicine.

Over the next few decades, the world will face global-scale challenges in health, energy and sustainability, that will require creative multi-disciplinary solutions. Chemical engineers are uniquely trained to think at every scale, from the tiny molecule to the mega process plant; their creative problem solving skills are synergistically combined with strong fundamental training in the physical and mathematical sciences, making them very well poised to tackle grand global challenges at all levels, from multiple perspectives. This unique blend of general and technical knowledge and skills has always commanded a financially rewarding and satisfying career in the chemical industries and related sectors in Singapore and around the world.

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Shape the world. Shape your future through NUS Chemical Engineering - a premier chemical engineering program known globally for its outstanding chemical engineering training, research and thought leadership. Be that creative and socially responsible chemical engineer with sound knowledge of the discipline, strong integrative skills and global outlook. At NUS Chemical Engineering, we set out to make a difference. We aspire to influence the future by offering students from Singapore and beyond an outstanding global education enhanced by Asian perspectives. We strive to transform students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines into confident global citizens through a well-rounded and holistic university education.

Our programs nurture intellectual curiosity and cultivate academic rigor, ensuring that our graduates are well-placed for a fast-paced, borderless world. Our education stresses academic rigor, experiential and global learning, and real-world relevance. We prepare you for a dynamic, fast-changing workplace of the future and equip you with the necessary skills, ensuring that you continue to be highly adaptable and sought after by the industry and beyond.

Global Exposure

Go on an adventure. Pick up a new language, explore new cultures and make new friends. It may even open new doors to your future career. NUS offers a myriad of enhancement programmes that provide students overseas exposure and at the same time, earn credits towards their NUS degree. Choose from over 100 different partner universities from our Student Exchange Programme (SEP), learn from the technological giants at Silicon Valley in our NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) programme, or just spend an unique short-term academic immersion through international summer/winter programmes. Those are just a few examples of many more overseas opportunities offered by NUS.


One Profession. Multiple Careers

Chemical engineers make valuable contributions to many aspects of our life ranging from the development of new technologies to the advancement in health care, medicine and environmental conservation.

With changing societal demands for more environmentally conscious processes and socially responsible business practices, chemical engineers plays an important role in providing solutions to more efficient use of resources and production of safer and greener products.

Our graduates have found employment in chemical, petroleum refining, petrochemical, semiconductor/electronic, bio/pharmaceutical and related industries which include ExxonMobil, Shell Eastern Petroleum, TECH Semiconductor, JGC, SOXAL, GSK, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, Sulzer Chemtech and many more.


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NUS graduates are 16th most employable in the world. NUS is the only Singapore university among the global top 16 list according to the latest Global University Employability Ranking published by the Times Higher Education (THE) https://www.timeshighereducation.com/student/best-universities/best-universities-graduate-jobs-global-university-employability-ranking. Our excellent and steadfast reputation is your branding especially in this highly globalized world.

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