Oral Defense Examination : Design and Development of Pervaporation Membranes for Dehydration of Alcohols

Speaker Xu Yiming (Supervisor: Prof Chung Tai-Shung, Neal)


Date/Time 17 Nov - 17 Nov, 3.00PM

Venue E4-04-02 , Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore


Pervaporation is a prospective candidate to separate azeotropic mixtures or close boiling point mixtures due to its advantages of low energy consumption, environmental benignity, small footprint and mild operating conditions. There is a great need to develop pervaporation membranes with high productivity, high selectivity and good stability because membrane is the heart of pervaporation separation. The objective of this thesis is to explore novel pervaporation membrane materials with good separation performance and long-term stability for dehydration of alcohols, especially for methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, and n-butanol. In this thesis, polymeric membranes including polyarylether (PAE), polyimide (PI) and crosslinked thermally rearranged polybenzoxazole (C-TR-PBO) membranes, and mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) consisting of polyimide (PI) and three UiO-66-Type metal organic frameworks (MOFs) (UiO-66, UiO-66-NH2 and UiO-66-F4) have been developed for alcohol dehydration via pervaporation.