Department Seminars: Multi-level modelling of transport processes in biological systems

Speaker Professor Yun Xu Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

Host Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Date/Time 18 Jun - 18 Jun, 10.00am

Venue E5-02-32 , Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore


The ability to model biological flows and species transport has become an important component of disease research.  It also provides a powerful tool for the design and optimal control of local drug delivery systems. This talk will address two different research topics: (1) our recent work on multiscale modelling of clot formation and thrombolysis, and (2) a multi-physics model of drug transport in solid tumours. Examples will be given of false lumen thrombosis in type B aortic dissection, clot lysis in the treatment of ischemic stroke, and thermosensitive liposomal delivery of anticancer drugs activated by high intensity focused ultrasound.


Xiao Yun Xu is a Professor of Biofluid Mechanics in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. She joined Imperial College in 1998 as a Lecturer, and became a full Professor in 2009. She received her BSc and MSc degrees in Thermo-Fluids Engineering from Dalian University of Technology in China, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from City University, London. Her research interests include biomedical engineering and bioprocessing. She has established and led her research group to the cutting edge of multiscale and multi-physics modelling of transport processes in biological systems, with applications ranging from endovascular interventional procedures for the treatment of aortic diseases to drug transport in solid tumours and thrombolytic therapies. She has established extensive collaborations within the UK and abroad, and has been very successful in making essential bridges across the Engineering-Medicine interface. She has also made valuable contributions in mentoring early stage researchers, as manifested through the prizes awarded to her and her research students, including the 2018 President’s Medal for Excellence in Research Supervision. She has co-authored more than 150 peer-reviewed journal papers and supervised 45 PhD students (37 have successfully completed). Since September 2016, she has become a Consul for Faculty of Engineering and the Business School, Imperial College London.