Department Management Committee

Department Committee Bin LIU
Prof Bin LIU
Department Head
Department Committee Hwei Chen TI
Dr Hwei Chen TI
Deputy Head (Administration)
Department Committee Saif A KHAN
A/Prof Saif A. KHAN
Deputy Head (Research & External Relations)
Department Committee Kun Lin YANG
A/Prof Kun-Lin YANG
Deputy Head (Students & Academic Affairs)

Department Consultative Committee

The purpose of the Department Consultative Committee (DCC) is to seek views and recommendations from various members of local industry and government agencies on our curriculum and their perception of the quality and capability of our graduates. The DCC comprises members of local industry and related government agencies - usually directors, as well as the Head, Deputy Heads and a few senior members of the Department. Our current DCC members from the industry are:

Mr Shao Siong CHUA
Production Lead
Novartis Singapore Pharmaceutical Mfg Pte Ltd
Manufacturing Director, Singapore Chemical Plant Venture Executive, Singapore Parallel Train ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Mr Edwin T. F. KHEW
President, The Institution of Engineers, Singapore
Ms Christine LOW
Technology Manager
Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd